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Welcome to Wichunt Norwich Terriers and Russhaven Russell Terriers


 We are a small hobby breeder located on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We're proud of our dogs' accomplishments and love to show, but first and foremost they are loved members of our family. Our goal is to occasionally produce healthy, well adjusted puppies that will be great fun companions, as well as great representatives of their breed.      Norwich Terriers are one of the smallest of the Terrier breeds, generally no more than 10" (25.5cm) at the shoulder and around 12 pounds (5.45 Kg), but they have big terrier personalities. Fun to live with, they are generally good with other dogs and family pets, providing they have been properly introduced. They are loyal, sturdy and affectionate. 

We have recently added a new breed to our home! we now have Russell Terriers as part of our family as well. These beautiful little dogs have been selectively bred to retain the adorable look of the Jack Russell Terriers but without as much drive and energy. They are also small dogs, between 10 and 12 inches and about 11 - 13  pounds on average. We are truly smitten with the breed and look forward to our first litters this spring.     

We hope you enjoy meeting our canine kids.


Our Beginning

CANADIAN/AMERICAN CHAMPION Amblegreen Rickard's Red,  " Ricky "Bred by Heather and Geoff Tomlins, owned , loved and shown by myself.  Ricky was the number 1 Norwich Terrier in Canada in 2010.


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Ricky is now retired. he is passing the torch onto his young Grandson and we are very excited for the future


Canadian Champion Stoppelhopser Rosine

Zina was our first of several beautiful girls. Imported from Germany and bred by Regina Waskawitz. Co Owned with Leandra Little, Zina was loved and shown by myself, Zina is also major pointed in the US, but she has now retired to a life of leisure and pampering

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introducing Russhaven russell terriers

The Russell Terrier originated in England but was developed as a separate breed in Australia. The Russells are full of life  and confident little terriers but are equally happy on your couch or on the farm,  they just need a moderate amount of exercise to be content. They are loyal and real people pleasers and many are being used as therapy and support animals. They are predominantly white coated and come in three different coat varieties, rough, broken and smooth. the rough and broken varieties require a bit more grooming but make up for that in that they shed very little if at all! We are delighted to have added several of these dear little dogs to our home.

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