Someone new at Wichunt

Meet “ Billie”


So excited to welcome  Foxfield Lady Sings The Blues

AKA  “Billie “

into our four legged family. I have been wanting a Russell Terrier for the longest time, and thanks to Sue Sobel from Foxfield we now have this darling little girl.  The Norwich are loving her as much as we are, she is smart, funny, and just a delight to have around!

Russell Terriers are clever fun loving dogs that can be a great choice for family or single owner homes. Although energetic, they can be equally happy cuddling on the couch as participating in agility trials as they are very adaptable.

They are a big dog wrapped in a small package, 10 to 12 inches high and 11 to 14 pounds. 

They are loyal and kind hearted

Todays Russell Terriers originated from the Jack Russell, but were developed in Australia as a distinct breed now recognized by the American and Canadian Kennel clubs.

We will continue to update Billie's page and hope to be adding a another Russell or two in the new future!

Always a happy little girl


Pretty girl


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